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Dr. Peter K. Sculco is a hip and knee orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). Dr. Sculco specializes in adult reconstruction of the hip and knee, including primary and complex revision joint replacements. As a part of the renowned HSS network, Dr. Sculco is committed to evidence-based medicine, collaborative care with other physicians, and using the latest research and highest quality implants to deliver personalized care and superior results.


Dr. Sculco provides a wide range of advanced hip and knee replacement procedures.

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Total Knee Replacement +

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Revision Knee Replacement +

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Partial Knee Replacement +

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Rapid Recovery

Joint Replacement

Dr. Peter K. Sculco is dedicated to getting his patients back to their normal routines with improved joint function and reduced or eliminated pain. With his rapid recovery approach, Dr. Sculco employs various interventions designed to ensure a faster recovery, while making the perioperative process as seamless and streamlined as possible. Interventions include soft tissue & blood loss management during surgery and simple pose avoidance instructions and cold therapy compression following surgery, among other treatment modalities.

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