May 23/2018

What are the Advantages of Undergoing Makoplasty Knee Surgery? +

Knee pain can keep you from your favorite activities and even make it difficult to get up from a sitting position. Traditional partial knee replacement surgery can mean ...

Apr 24/2018

Do I have Hip Arthritis? +

If your hip frequently hurts, you may be wondering if it’s a nagging injury or something more. Persistent hip pain could be a sign of hip arthritis, a ...

Mar 30/2018

Hip and Knee Replacement Rapid Recovery +

Hip and knee joint replacements are very common surgeries that often result in a greatly increased quality of life for patients with pain and mobility issues. However, it’s ...

Feb 27/2018

When should I get a knee replacement? +

Uncomfortable and consistent knee pain can be signs that you need a knee replacement. The decision about whether or not to have a knee replacement is both a ...

Jan 23/2018

The Importance of a Second Opinion +

A hip or knee replacement is a major decision, and a second opinion helps you figure out all your treatment options. Why is a second opinion especially important ...

Dec 19/2017

Peter K. Sculco, MD Launches New Website +

Peter K. Sculco, MD, an HSS-affiliated knee and hip joint reconstruction specialist serving patients throughout the New York Metropolitan Area, is pleased to announce the launch of a ...

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