Robotic Partial Knee Replacement Surgery With Mako
- Makoplasty in NYC


What is Makoplasty?

Dr. Peter K. Sculco is pleased to offer Makoplasty, or partial knee replacement surgery performed with Mako technology, for patients undergoing partial knee replacement surgery, also sometimes referred to as unicompartmental knee replacement surgery. Makoplasty knee surgery may be suitable for patients who are suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee affecting one compartment of the knee. Mako technology allows Dr. Sculco to selectively target the part of your knee damaged by osteoarthritis, replacing the diseased part of your knee while sparing the healthy bone and ligaments surrounding it.

Makoplasty robotic partial knee replacement was developed by Stryker, a leader in the advancement of robot-assisted orthopedic technologies. The technology helps improve the precision and accuracy of joint replacement surgery.

The Mako system has proven its ability to recover patient joint functionality and pain, with a high patient satisfaction level two years after surgery. Clinical research has also shown that orthopedic surgeons who use the robot-assisted tool were more accurate during joint implantation than surgeons implanting manually.

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Why is Makoplasty knee surgery performed?

Conservative treatment options may be sufficient for certain patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. However, as the disease and your discomfort progress, conservative treatment options may not be enough. In this case, Makoplasty may be a good option for you.

What does Makoplasty involve?

Patient and Doctor in fully open high field Magnetic Resonance Image MRI CAT Scan scanning knee and leg.A partial knee replacement surgery with Mako begins with a pre-surgical evaluation of the knee, using a CT scan or other imaging test. This helps your orthopedic surgeon develop a precise plan for surgery. This information is then scanned into the Mako machine, enabling pinpoint precision during the procedure.

During robotic knee surgery, Dr. Sculco will use the Mako robotic arm to assist in removing the damaged portion of the bone and tissue, leaving healthy bone and cartilage intact. Then, with assistance from the robotic arm, your surgeon will insert artificial components to replace the old, damaged portions of the joint.

What are some Makoplasty knee surgery benefits?

Robotic partial knee replacement surgery offers a wide range of benefits, both during surgery and post-surgery:

  • Exact precision from Mako technology
  • Accurate implant placement
  • Allows for real-time adjustments to be made during surgery
  • Lowered pain in knee joint
  • Increased joint function
  • Shorter recovery
  • High success rate

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