Knee Replacement Revision Surgery in NYC

What is revision knee replacement?

Revision knee replacement is used to repair a failed total knee replacement. In many cases, total knee replacement surgeries will not need repair or replacement for years, or even for the rest of your life. However, sometimes due to age, activity level, infection, and other factors, a knee replacement must be repaired. Because revision surgery is the second surgery involving the same joint, it is often more complex than the original total knee replacement surgery. For this reason, revision knee replacement surgery requires specialized planning and care from an experienced orthopedic surgeon, such as Dr. Peter K. Sculco.

Why is knee revision surgery performed?

Your doctor may recommend undergoing revision knee replacement surgery if you experience any of the following dysfunctions after a total knee replacement, also known as joint replacement failure:

  • Loosening or wearing of the implant, also known as mechanical failure, which typically occurs after years of having a knee implant.
  • A knee fracture, which can occur after a severe fall or impact injury, damaging the prosthetic knee joint and requiring repair.
  • Infection in the knee replacement sometimes requires revision knee surgery in order to replace and treat the infected portion of the implant.
  • Instability occurs when the knee joint’s surrounding soft tissues are not strong enough to create stability needed to put pressure on the knee. This may require revision surgery to correct the problem.

What does revision knee replacement involve?

In order to determine if revision knee replacement is necessary, your physician will perform special testing to check for improper placement of the implant, bone or implant damage, and infection. Testing may include x-rays, CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, or blood testing.

During knee revision surgery, your surgeon will repair or remove certain portions of the original knee implant. The specifics of each surgical procedure will vary depending on the particular patient and cause for the knee replacement failure. Dr. Peter K. Sculco will discuss the specific steps for your revision knee replacement procedure prior to your surgery.

What are the advantages of undergoing revision knee replacement surgery?

When successful, the benefits of undergoing revision total knee replacement surgery with Dr. Peter K. Sculco include the following:

  • Improved knee function and motion
  • Improved ability to walk
  • Cleared infection (when applicable)
  • Decreased pain

Dr. Sculco is a member of the Complex Joint Reconstruction Center (CJRC) at Hospital for Special Surgery, the first center of its kind in the world, focused on providing best-in-class diagnosis and treatment for the most challenging cases in joint reconstruction. For more information, please visit the Complex Joint Reconstruction Center website.

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