Posterior Hip Replacement Surgery Utilizing Computer Assisted Navigation in NYC

What Is Posterior Hip Replacement?

Posterior hip replacement is one type of approach that may be used during total hip replacement surgery. As with any type of total hip replacement, the surgery is used to improve the function of the hip joint and decrease discomfort in the hip. Hip replacement is generally needed when a patient has suffered from cartilage deterioration in the hip joint, known as arthritis. There are two types of arthritis that commonly require total hip replacement – osteoarthritis of the hip and post traumatic arthritis of the hip. When one of these joint conditions is present and does not improve with conservative treatment methods, posterior hip replacement surgery may be a good option.

After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Sculco will recommend the specific hip replacement approach that is best suited for each patient’s unique needs. In some cases, hip replacement surgery can also be completed using computer-assisted navigation in order to help improve accuracy and precision.

Posterior Hip Replacement Vs. Anterior Hip Replacement

There are two primary approaches to total hip replacement surgery – the posterior approach and the anterior approach. The two surgery techniques have the same goal of restoring function in the hip by replacing diseased bone and cartilage with artificial implants. However, posterior hip surgery is done by making a curved incision along the side of the hip, beside the thigh bone, while the anterior approach is done by making an incision along the front of the hip, near the pelvic bone,

Computer-Assisted Navigation

Dr. Sculco employs Intellijoint HIP, which is an advanced surgical tool designed to help orthopedic surgeons more accurately perform posterior hip replacement surgeries and improve patient outcomes. The tool gives Dr. Sculco pinpointed accuracy when placing your hip implant, lowering the risk of future dislocation and other post-surgical issues that could result in the need for revision surgery.

Advantages Of The Posterior Hip Replacement Approach

Advantages of undergoing posterior hip replacement include the following:

  • Most patients are suitable candidates for this approach, unlike anterior approach
  • Small, curved, modified hip incision that goes through the side of the hip, called the “mini oblique”
  • Helps restore hip function
  • Can reduce hip pain
  • Highly successful, longstanding approach

For more information about total hip replacement, including information about the pros and cons of the anterior and posterior approaches, visit our total hip replacement surgery page.

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