Total Knee Replacement Surgery in NYC

What is total knee arthroplasty?

Total knee arthroplasty, also known as total knee replacement surgery, is a procedure performed by an orthopedic surgeon, during which the ends of the bones in a knee joint are replaced to create new joint surfaces. New joint surfaces are sometimes needed when patients suffer long-term joint damage due to osteoarthritis of the knee or post traumatic arthritis of the knee. Unlike partial knee replacement surgery, which only removes a certain portion of the joint, total knee replacement is done when there is severe damage to the joint. It is typically recommended when knee pain is affecting your ability to participate in daily activities like walking and climbing stairs.

Why is total knee replacement surgery performed?

The primary reason for undergoing knee replacement surgery is to improve the function of the knee joint and to alleviate joint pain. Total knee arthroplasty may be necessary for patients who suffer from any of the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis of the knee is a type of knee arthritis characterized by painful inflammation of the knee joint caused by cartilage deterioration. The condition can cause severe pain and loss of knee functionality over time.
  • Post traumatic arthritis of the knee is caused due to damage to the cartilage in the knee that develops following an injury, such as a fracture.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis of the knee is a chronic inflammatory disorder characterized by the deterioration of cartilage in the knee due to the immune system attacking the tissues. This type of arthritis can affect other joints in the body as well.

Dr. Peter K. Sculco may recommend total knee replacement surgery if you are suffering from any of the following signs of knee joint dysfunction:

  • Knee pain that does not go away, even with medication
  • Constant pain throughout the day, even while resting
  • Limited range of motion in the knee joint
  • Stiffness and swelling
  • Difficulty standing for long periods of time
  • Inability or difficulty with usual physical activities, such as walking or climbing stairs
  • Little or no improvement in knee function following conservative treatments

What does total knee replacement involve?

Each total knee replacement procedure is tailored to the individual needs of the patient and may vary from case to case. The general steps involved with a total knee arthroplasty include:

  • Administering regional anesthesia and a sedative so you are comfortable throughout surgery
  • Making an incision along the front of the knee to access the knee joint
  • Removing damaged cartilage and bone from the knee joint and preparing the area for the implant
  • Securing the components of the knee implant into their proper placement
  • Fitting the new components together and closing the incision

By employing his Rapid Recovery approach — including various interventions taken before, during, and after surgery — Dr. Sculco is able to help his patients return to their everyday lives faster following total knee replacement surgery.


Rapid Recovery for Total Knee Replacement

Typically, patients can expect to experience some swelling and pain after undergoing knee replacement surgery. Dr. Sculco is dedicated to improving your recovery by limiting post-surgical pain and other side effects. Over the years, he has been involved with extensive research on topics including less invasive surgical techniques, anesthesia use, anti-inflammatory medications, and specific instruments used during the procedure. This research has led Dr. Sculco to a fine-tuned recovery approach that has been proven to decrease inflammation and pain following surgery, as well as accelerate the body’s healing process so patients can get back to doing what they love faster. Learn more about Dr. Sculco’s recovery approach by visiting our Rapid Recovery page.

If you’re suffering from lowered range of motion and pain in your knee joint, the first step to getting back to your normal life quickly is scheduling an evaluation with an experienced orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Peter K. Sculco provides customized treatment plans and personalized care paired with world-class orthopedic training. Call 212.606.1771 today to request an appointment.

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