Pose Avoidance Following Hip Replacement

As part of a comprehensive approach to rapid recovery, Dr. Sculco provides his patients with a set of Pose Avoidance instructions, aimed to simplify the postoperative process following hip replacement surgery. The following instructions indicate the poses that are safe and the poses that should be avoided.

Safe Poses After Surgery

OK to sit in a chair of comfortable height

OK to cross your ankle over your knee to put on a sock / shoe

Acceptable poses following hip replacement surgery
OK to lean forward to pick up an object, keeping knees shoulder width apart and your body between your knees

Avoid These Poses After Surgery

Poses to avoid following hip replacement surgery
DO NOT rise from a chair or commode with knees touching

Poses to avoid following hip replacement surgery
DO NOT reach behind your leg to the outside of your ankle to shave your leg or fix a sock / shoe

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